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Sad news for the gay zombies, but even sadder news for Canada, a Country that used to be under the rule of Law.
Excellent video! The Magical Birth Canal


Another worthy event upcoming in Quebec City:
Nighttime pilgrimage for hemen and young hemen (among others to atone for all the sins and blasphemes that will be committed by French-Canadians during their national feast, the "Saint-Jean-Baptiste"), Saturday June 23rd, 2018. We gather at 23h45 at Saint-Zéphirin-de-Stadacona.

Horribly good post by Ann Barnhardt (really as much horrible as good): We're ALL Being Watched - Bergoglio, Soros, Palo Alto, the NHS and... a Girls Gymnastics Coach

I'm writing this while sipping a cup of Mystic Monk coffee! (I recently ordered a 5-pound bag of "Expresso Blend".) Now I admit I'm tempted by a ROK Manual Coffee Grinder...


This Tuesday June 19 at 19h, in the Campagne Québec-Vie office (3330 rue Rivier, Montréal QC, H1W 3Z9, Joliette subway), George Buscemi will kick off the 3rd and final installment of the CQV Courses: Christian Action

A few updates for the article Christians With T-Shirts!. Among others:

- replaced "faithful to the Pope" with the apparently different but fundamentally identical "faithful to the Magisterium", because of the current confusion;
- added "(and as far as I can tell in 2018, not just in the Province of Quebec, but all over the World)" after "The intensely suboptimal situation of the Catholic Church in Quebec"
- increased the proportion of treasonous Bishops, and reduced the number of faithful ones, so "Unfortunately, most of the members of the clergy (including some Bishops) are so terrorized that they are incapacitated. The rest are downright against us;" becomes "Unfortunately, a large part of the Bishops and Priests are paralyzed by terror. Almost all the others are outright traitors;"
- changed "Our mission is to re-evangelize the Quebec Diocese" to "Our mission is to re-evangelize the World";
- completely removed the following paragraph 4.1: "Beg Cardinal Marc Ouellet to change our diapers. Of course we can go see Cardinal Ouellet to share with him our disappointments and our expectations. On the other hand, in my opinion, we mustn't fall into a kind of childishness, where we expect the Cardinal to do everything. I've seen myself, or heard of, several groups in the Diocese who asked the Cardinal to do their job. First of all, in my opinion, the Cardinal is currently not the manly Bishop Quebec needs (although he can change!). But even if he was, he still couldn't do everything, since he's so isolated. We could help him a lot by reaching out to categories of people that are "out of his range", like most young persons (who never go to church and would never spontaneously read a text written by a Catholic Bishop). Also, it's quite probable that we have much more leeway than he does. We are in a position to defend all the teachings of the Church, without being afraid of making other Quebec or Canadian Bishops look bad!"
- added to Point 4.5: "(insofar as he really is the Pope, that he is himself in communion with Christ)"
- changed "then get them approved, if possible, by one of the two new auxiliary Bishops of the Quebec Diocese" to "then get the Imprimatur for them, if possible"
- added in Section 5 that: "Currently, my best attempt at implementing these flyers is the Love Tube.


I just had to point to Laurence England's hilarious video!


Correspondence with Ian Bussières (Leftist henchman for Le Soleil newspaper; French only)


Correspondence with Monsieur X38 (French only)


Minor updates:
- Mr. Guillaume Nodet updated his ePub versions of Thonnard.
- I just realized I made a big mistake in my Python script, so for some reason many lines are truncated in "Acts of the Apostles", but I also need to check all other files of the Neovulgate. Sorry.


Uploaded the "Little Catechism" that all French-Canadians used to learn by heart, back in the days when French-Canadians were still Catholics (French Only).


I'm sorry I haven't written anything about all the dumb things being imposed on us these days by our Canadian Prime Minister. I'd like to write an article that would end with something like: "... and Justin Trudeau can cram his Koran up his gay marriage hole!"


Minor updates:
I couldn't resist, since I laughed so hard at the consequences of the LetterGate scandal!


Minor updates:
Oldie but goodie Tech Support joke


Tried to continue correspondence with Father Z.


Added appropriate image to Section 4 of The "Pastoral" Approach
Tried to continue correspondence with Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights And Freedoms


Correspondence about World Day of the Poor (French only)
Changed the image of A Twelve Step Program For Bishops


Correspondence with Canada Family Action (www.familyaction.ca)


Correspondence with Richard Paul Condo (Christian Democratic Party of Canada)


Correspondence with Pier-Luc Ouellet (www.urbania.ca; abortion; French only)
Added a few images to A Country Founded By Geniuses But Run By Idiots (social media, think of the children, dying Uncle Sam)
Hunter's Space Pen


Correspondence with www.ItStartsRightNow.ca (Alissa Golob and Scott Hayward; What pro-life strategy for Canada?)
Correspondence with The Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience
Added Section 6 to How To Put Your Political Foot In Your Mouth


Minor updates:
Added Section 5.9 to How Not To Conduct A Gregorian Chant Choir
Sadly interesting article called SSPX in crisis: Has Bishop Fellay overstepped his bounds? by Louie Verrecchio (about the bizarre silence of the SSPX, when asked what is its official position about Amoral Latitude after their superior, Bishop Fellay, signed the Correctio filialis.)


Small changes:
- "lt" directory changed to "la". My mistake. ISO 639-1 Code.
- Better image for How should we participate in politics?


Correspondence with Le Devoir (Leftist newspaper in Montreal; French only)
Correspondence with Brother Marcel Dumont, O.P. (French only)


Uploaded the phone conversation of Marco Boucher, a policeman from the Quebec City PD who tried to intimidate me because of my Love Tubes. (French only)
Correspondence with Mrs. Faith Goldy


Correspondence with Mr. Pierre Lavoie ("Grand Défi", greenhouse gases, eugenism, abortion; French only)


Continued correspondence with Mr. Bill Whatcott
Sad but true article by Mr. Kenny Piché on upcoming changes in the Criminal Code of Canada that will allow Trudeau to attack Christians even more easily: The Atheist Bulldozer Continues To Advance in Ottawa (French only)
Added a few images to A Country Founded By Geniuses But Run By Idiots
Unimportant and technical detail, but that took me many days of work: I had many direct references to the Vatican website, but then a while ago they started changing things around and breaking my links. So I now try as much as possible to centralise most of the Vatican hyperlinks on the Some Good Books page, so for example if I want to put a hyperlink to "Evangelium Vitae", I'll actually code biblio.htm#evangelium_vitae. So if they change the hyperlink to that document, I don't need to search through my whole web site to find all references to "Evangelium Vitae". I just need to fix one hyperlink.


Minor updates:
After all these years, finally added a picture of myself going to work!


Minor updates:
Added nice appropriate image to Conclusion of Extremist Religious Leaders Must Be Kicked Out Of Canada
Added picture to start of Section 6 and made Section 6.10 more pro-Crusade and anti-Islam.


Minor updates:
Modified Fifth and a bit of the Fourth to line up with "flight or fight"
Developped Section 4 of Some usage scenarios
Added Section 5.8 to How Not To Conduct A Gregorian Chant Choir


Tweaked the formatting of the Psalms to remove some annoyances (problem of Greek vs. Hebrew numbering, useless superscriptions) in the English, French, and Latin
A few minor changes to The Field Notepad


Added Neo-vulgate (there are probably still a few little mistakes caused by the transfer)


Not sure it's an improvement to replace the old one, but the new image made me laugh

2018-January-11 (Newsletter sent)

Luther: Reformer Or Perverter?


Joint Declaration on Justification, or Smoking a Joint of Modernism-ification?


Gentle Jesus! I'm such a dork! I should have thought of this before... Thank you Pro Christianis for having come up with this great image!


How Not To Conduct A Gregorian Chant Choir


Little tidbits:
- Replaced "daily" by "supersubstantial" in the Our Father in Mt 6:11 (the original Greek uses that unique work, Saint Jerome in the Vulgate used "daily" in Lc 11:3, but "supersubstantial in Mt 6:11, many Fathers of the Church understood it thus, and as Mr. Warren Murray says, all the petitions are spiritual if we translate it thus).
- Following an excellent suggestion from a good buddy, added a back side to the little blue insert in the Love Tube.
- Changed title from "Hasta La Vista, Franky!" to "Hasta La Vista, Jorge!" (more consistent with myself).

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