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In Canada, If You Try To Protect Our Little Girls,
The Police Will Confiscate Your Guns

Poor girl...

A few years ago, I was working in the Parliament of the Province of Quebec (the "National Assembly"). During a parliamentary committee, the Muslim Association of Canada asked in writing and verbally that Quebec change its laws to allow child marriage. The members of parliament, stunned by this attempt to legalize pedophilia, pretended to have heard nothing (only Ms. Agnès Maltais of the Parti Québecois had a voice trembling with indignation).

After this event, I decided to sound the alarm to my fellow citizens. Soon, I banged my nose on closed doors: politicians, newspapers, radio stations, etc., all were terrified to discuss this topic. Having no other way to make my political views known, I decided to distribute flyers in mailboxes.

Long before passing my first flyer, I undertook the largest legality verification effort for a flyer, ever seen in Canada (to my knowledge). Indeed, I sent my flyers to the Minister of Justice of Canada, to his counterpart in Quebec, to the Mayor of Quebec City, to several members of the Canadian Parliament, to the Valcartier military base, to several "Catholic" bishops, to all mosques in Canada, etc. Each time, a nice letter accompanied my mailing, in which I asked if anyone had any objections, corrections, suggestions, any feedback before I started to distribute my flyers. No individiual nor organization objected to me distributing them on the public square.

About two years later, and after more than four thousand flyers, the Police informed me that my file was put under investigation following my distribution of flyers. Conclusion: My firearms license has just been revoked, and I must surrender my weapons to the police. This is good news for Bambi, but not for our little girls...

(The previous 4 paragraphs are an overview of a long story. You can check out these 3 hyperlinks of supporting documentation: flyers I distributed, permissions I asked, and my firearms confiscation saga. If those hyperlinks have been removed where you're reading this article, search for my name, "Stefan Jetchick". My personal web site is easy to find. For now...)

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