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Stefan Jetchick.
Stefan Jetchick, back in the "less" days
(less gray hair, less wrinkles, less lard, less chronic diseases... :-)

1) Introduction

It is always with great pleasure that I receive positive comments concerning this web site. Ad majorem Dei gloriam! and [1Co 4:7].

Negative comments are also welcome! ("Feedback is the breakfast of champions", and I'm often mistaken, so I often need to be corrected.) But if you have negative comments, please make sure you read FAQ #13 What should I do if I disagree with this web site? before contacting me.

Even if you decide not to contact me, you can pray for me. I always need prayers in order to obtain the tears of contrition for my sins, in order to learn to love the Cross I must carry, and of course in order to obtain the grace of final perseverance!

2) Physical and electronic addresses

By clicking on this hyperlink, leading to our coordinates, you hereby accept our right to post entirely on the Internet any written or oral communication sent to us, including all the personal information of the sender, even against his will:

[OK, I accept]

3) Web site addresses

The two following URLs point to the same content:


4) Additional personal information

Who is Stefan Jetchick?
Personal FAQ for S. Jetchick

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