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The Holy Bible

Old Testament

The Pentateuch

Genesis [Gn]
Exodus [Ex]
Leviticus [Lv]
Numbers [Nb]
Deuteronomy [Dt]

The Historical Books

Joshua [Jos]
Judges [Jg]
Ruth [Rt]
1 Samuel [1S]
2 Samuel [2S]
1 Kings [1R]
2 Kings [2R]
1 Chronicles [1Ch]
2 Chronicles [2Ch]
Ezra [Esd]
Nehemiah [Ne]
Tobit [Tb]
Judith [Jdt]
Esther [Est]
1 Maccabees [1M]
2 Maccabees [2M]

The Poetic and Wisdom Books

Job [Jb]
Psalms [Ps]
Proverbs [Pr]
Qoheleth or Ecclesiastes [Qo]
Song of Songs [Ct]
Wisdom of Salomon [Sg]
Sirach or Ecclesiastical [Si]

The Prophetic Books

Isaiah [Is]
Jeremiah [Jr]
Lamentations [Lm]
Baruch [Ba]
Ezekiel [Ez]
Daniel [Dn]
Hosea [Os]
Joel [Jl]
Amos [Am]
Obadiah [Ab]
Jonas [Jon]
Micah [Mi]
Nahum [Na]
Habakkuk [Ha]
Zephaniah [So]
Haggai [Ag]
Zechariah [Za]
Malachi [Ml]

New Testament

Matthew [Mt]
Mark [Mc]
Luke [Lc]
John [Jn]

Acts of the Apostles [Ac]

Romans [Rm]
1 Corinthians [1Co]
2 Corinthians [2Co]
Galatians [Ga]
Ephesians [Ep]
Philippians [Ph]
Colossians [Col]
1 Thessalonians [1Th]
2 Thessalonians [2Th]
1 Timothy [1Tm]
2 Timothy [2Tm]
Titus [Tt]
Philemon [Phm]

Hebrews [He]

James [Jc]
1 Peter [1P]
2 Peter [2P]
1 John [1Jn]
2 John [2Jn]
3 John [3Jn]
Jude [Jude]

Apocalypse [Ap]

2) How can you refer to a verse directly?

The hyperlink must be of the form:

	filepath to book + # + "c" (as in chapter) + number + "v" (as in verse) + number

For example, to go straight to John, chapter 3, verse 16:




Respect uppercase and lowercase! Also, the web pages of the Bible books are named according to the acronyms used in the Table of Contents here above. For example, The First Letter of St. Paul to the Thessalonians will be "1Th.htm", the Gospel according to St. Matthew will be "Mt.htm", etc.

For all anglophones, I'm sorry about the sometimes weird acronyms for Bible books (like "So" for "Zephaniah", or "Lc" for "Luke", etc.) This is because I started with the acronyms of the Bible of Jerusalem in French. Most of the time the acronyms are self-explanatory. If there is an accepted standard (I would guess based on the Latin Vulgate) for Bible book acronyms, please tell me!

3) Copyright

This New American Bible is Copyright Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2003-Nov-06. Source of the electronic transcription: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Do I have the right to have a copy of this work on my web site? See Introduction To The Digitized Books Section. Also, the version of this Bible on the Vatican web site is currently a mess (Summer 2017). My version has about 20 times less files (yes, 20 times!), and is less than half the size on disk, on top of allowing direct hyperlinks to any verse.

4) Various

How can you download this whole Bible on your computer? Just download this whole web site.

How can you search (using Google or another search engine) inside this book? See 8) Why don't you have a "Search" function on your web site?.

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