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Bill C-666

Albrecht Durer. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
(Albrecht Durer. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Source)

Note: In Canada, proposed laws submitted to the Parliament are often numbered, and prefixed with the letter "C". The number 666, of course, refers to "The number of the Beast", the Devil [Ap 13:18].

1) Introduction

I have a suggestion for a useful law we could enact here in Canada: Bill C-666. This law would just state that:

All judges of the Supreme Court and all Members of Parliament who claim that Human Rights arise from a human convention, shall be exterminated in a concentration camp.

2) Why would we enact such an obviously crazy law?

To use as a pedagogical tool.

Of course, nobody would be exterminated in concentration camps, whether judges, or Jews, or anybody else. This Bill would therefore just be used to encourage all citizens to think about the source of Human Rights and laws.

3) Some crazy thought experiments

If Human Rights come from some human convention (like a majority of Members of Parliament voting in favor, or some Supreme Court ruling), then anybody can be stripped of their rights, anytime, simply by changing the convention.

It gets worse: If Human Rights begin to exist because of some human convention, then in theory you could take a gun and go shoot all Members of Parliament who disagree with you. Once only favorable Members remained, you could make them vote a law stating that all previously killed Members of Parliament didn't actually have Human Rights after all! Et voilą!

If some snotty judges claimed that such a process would not be legal, because the Canadian Constitution is against it, then you could just shoot the judges, and have Parliament vote a new Constitution where such "manoeuvres" are legal!

As crazy as it seems, if "laws" and "human rights" really came from human conventions, then these satanic scenarios would only be apparently satanic. In fact they would be completely legitimate, after a vote!

4) Natural Law and Positive Law

Why are these scenarios so obviously crazy? Because our common sense correctly tells us that some things are just bad, period.

Traditionally, two kinds of laws are distinguished: "Natural" and "Positive", or to use words that might be clearer, Observed Law and Agreed Upon Law. "Positive" laws are agreed upon. A bunch of people get together and agree that this or that is a law, and it becomes a law.

For example, the fact we must stop on a red light and go on a green light is not related to something "intrinsic" to the colors red and green. Actually, you could say that green makes us think of lush meadows, songbirds, the wind blowing gently through the trees, etc. In other words, green makes us think of relaxing, of stopping and just enjoying life where we happen to be. Red on the other hand makes us think of forest fires! QUICK! GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!

So red and green lights are just a convention, a "Positive" law. ("Positive" in this sense doesn't mean "as opposed to negative", but as in "posita est" in Latin, i.e. something "laid down", or agreed upon.)

Notice that once the convention has been established, it really becomes a law! If you drive through a red light and kill somebody, you didn't just do something "conventionally" bad. No, you broke a true law, and committed a real crime.

Positive law is eventually based on "Natural" law, i.e. Observed law. We can observe that somebody who has been driven over by a reckless driver cannot be humanly happy anymore, since in order to be happy, you first of all have to exist. Since laws are there in order to help us get closer to happiness, driving over people is naturally bad. It doesn't depend on a vote, it's Natural Law (See also The Two Crutches Of Human Action: Law And Sanctions).

5) Conclusion

These days in Canada, many judges of the Supreme Court are looking more and more like drunken reckless drivers. They seem to be making up laws as they go along, savagely driving over unborn children, running into married couples, and Lord knows who their next victim will be.

Enacting Bill C-666 would have the effect of lighting a flashlight in a dark cave. Citizens could observe that some laws can't just be the result of human conventions.

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