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A Reading List for Pro-Choicers

Martin Hudáceka. The Child That Was Not Born.
Martin Hudácek. The Child That Was Not Born.

If you are pro-choice and hence you support abortion, I suggest you read the following texts, in their order of appearance, in order to avoid misunderstandings concerning this web site and its position on abortion:

1) We want to respect all laws. Read FAQ #1.

2) My opinions are only as good as my sources of information. Read "Help! I'm Being Held Prisoner By My Sources Of Information!".

3) Before talking about abortion, we want to understand as far as possible the pro-choice position. Read "Abortion: Have We Done Our Homework?".

4) We condemn bad politicians, who often only pretend to be pro-life. Read "Right-Wing Christians Against Bush's Sins", and "Supporting Stephen Harper Is Encouraging Abortion", etc.

5) The social conditions which almost force some women to get abortions must be changed. Text to be written.

6) The sexual life of young persons must be improved, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Read "The Catholic Church and Sex-Voodoo".

7) If the human fetus is not a human person, abortion is good, and women should have free access to it. Read "The Cockroach's Soul".

8) In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, we must try to save the mother's life as well as the child's life. Read "Abortion, and Ectopic Words".

9) Abortion is an abominable crime. See CCC #2271, or also Evangelium Vitae, #62, or also Quaestio de abortu - Declaration on procured abortion, etc.

10) We have to answer all the pro-choice objections. Read among others "The Virgin Mary, Pro-Choice Consultant?", but also ALCORN, Randy. ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments, Sisters, OR, Multnomah Publishers, 2000. (But careful, this book contains several errors.)

11) Pro-choice politicians who claim to be Catholic must be disciplined. Read "A Twelve Step Program For Bishops", by Bishop Rene Henry Gracida.

12) We must boycott organizations that promote abortion. For example, UNICEF and Amnesty International, etc.

13) Currently, in Canada, anybody can kill any unborn child for whatever reason, from zero to nine months (even during childbirth!). Amazingly, when I talk to people in the street, most people don't even realize this is the "law" in Canada! Many pro-choicers are so appalled they don't believe me! You can consult several web sites about this, including the official web site of the Supreme Court of Canada. Several references are included in the text called: A Brief History Of Abortion In Canada.

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