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Some Good Books

Guillaume Larrue. The Studious schoolboy.
(Guillaume Larrue. The Studious schoolboy. [Source])

1) Table of contents

2) Introduction
3) "Baptized" Level
4) "Good Catholic Family" Level

4.1) Spirituality Books
4.2) Official teachings of the Church
4.3) Science books

5) "Avid Seminarian" Level

5.1) Official teachings of the Church

5.1.1) Reference Books
5.1.2) Conciliar documents
5.1.3) Encyclicals
5.1.4) Apostolic Letters, etc.
5.1.5) Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
5.1.6) Documents from other congregations

5.2) Spirituality, defense of the Faith

5.2.1) Spirituality Books
5.2.2) Apologetics
5.2.3) Polemics
5.2.4) Other books that can be useful

Books I Might Get Around To Reading (French only, but it's just a list of books so you'll understand)
Some Bad Books

2) Introduction

Here is a list of some good books. For an overview of my selection criteria, see How To Choose A Good Book. Also, if you know of better books, please tell me!

3) "Baptized" Level

The books that all Catholics should have:

Holy Bible. Text
Catechism of the Catholic Church. Text
The Imitation of Christ. Text
In Conversation with God. Fernandez, Francis. London, Scepter, 2003.
Introduction to the Devout Life. St. François de Sales. Text.
Le Curé d'Ars; Sa pensée, son coeur Saint Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney. présentés par l'abbé Bernard Nodet, Paris, Desclée de Brouwer, 2000.
Confessions. St. Augustine. Text.

4) "Good Catholic Family" Level

What should be found in the bookcase of a good Catholic family. All of the books for the "Baptized" level, plus:

4.1) Spirituality Books

Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church Text
The Liturgy of the Hours (Breviary)
Story of a Soul. St. Teresa of Lisieux.
The Way of Perfection. St. Teresa of Avila. Text.
Meditations on the Passion of Jesus Christ. St. Alphonsus Liguori.
The Way. Escriva, Saint Josémaria. Scepter, 1985.
Theology and Sanity. SHEED, F. J. Ignatius Press 1993.
The Three Ages of the Interior Life GARRIGOU-LAGRANGE, Réginald. Text.
Soul of the Apostolate. CHAUTARD, Jean-Baptiste. Tan Books and Publishers, 1992 (reprint).
Love is Life; A Catholic Marriage Handbook. DANTEC, François. Notre Dame IN, University of Notre Dame Press, 1963.
Jésus-Chist; Sa vie - Sa Passion - Son triomphe. BERTHE, R. P. Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Librairie Alphonsienne, 1943.

4.2) Official Teachings of the Church

Christifideles laici
Dei verbum
Ecclesia de Eucharistia
Evangelium vitae
Familiaris consortio
Homosexualitatis problema
Humanae Vitae
Immortale Dei
Lumen gentium
Marialis cultus
Mulieris dignitatem
Pacem in terris
Reconciliatio et paenitentia
Rerum novarum
Salvifici doloris
Summorum pontificum
Syllabus errores
Veritatis splendor

4.3) Science Books

4.3.1) Philosophy (the general science)

THONNARD, F.-J. Précis de philosophie, Paris, Desclée, 1950.
THONNARD, F.-J. Précis d'histoire de philosophie, Paris, Desclée, 1937.
SERTILLANGES, A.-D. La vie intellectuelle, Paris, Éd. Revue des jeunes, 1921. (English translations exist, like The Intellectual Life: Its Spirit, Conditions, Methods, Catholic University of America Press, 1987.)

4.3.2) The particular sciences

Petite encyclopédie des mathématiques, 2e Ed., Paris, Pagoulatos, 1980.
KREYSZIG, Erwin. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 8th Ed, New-York, Wiley, 1999.
FINNEY, WEIR, GIORDANO. Thomas' Calculus, 10th Ed. Updated, Reading, MA, Addison-Wesley, 2003.
HALLIDAY, RESNICK, WALKER. Fundamentals of Physics, 7th Ed. Extended, New-York, Wiley, 2005.
ATKINS, Peter. Physical Chemistry, 6th Ed., New-York, Freeman, 1997.
CAMPBELL, Neil A., REECE, Jane B. Biology, 7th Ed, San Francisco, Benjamin Cummings, 2005.
LONGO, Dan L., et al. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 18th Ed., New-York, McGraw-Hill, 2012.
GAUCH, Hugh G. Scientific Method in Practice, London, Cambridge University Press, 2003.
POLYA, G. How To Solve It; A New Aspect of Mathematical Method, 2nd Ed, Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press, 1988.
KORNHAUSER, Arthur W. How To Study; Suggestions for High School and College Students, 3rd Ed., Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1993.
EYMIEU, Antonin. Le Gouvernement de soi-même; essai de psychologie pratique, 1re série, Paris, Perrin et Cie, 1920.

4.3.3) A bit of Engineering (because it's fun!)

Mark's Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, 10th Ed., New-York, McGraw-Hill, 1996.
RAYMER, Daniel P., Aircraft Design, A Conceptual Approach, 3rd Ed., Reston, VA, AIAA, 1999.
Some Good Software Engineering Books

5) "Avid Seminarian" Level

All of the books for the "Good Catholic Family" level, plus:

5.1) Official teachings of the Church

5.1.1) Reference Books

Missale Romanum (2008). Text (Sorry, sucky website programming, but least bad I've found)
Code of Canon Law. Text
Catechism of the Council of Trent (or Roman Catechism). (Strangely, not available on the Web in HTML format...)
Summa Theologica. St. Thomas Aquinas. Latin, English
Symbols and Definitions of the Catholic Faith. Denzinger, H.
Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma. Ott, Ludwig. Tan Books, 1992.
General Instruction Of The Roman Missal. Text
Précis de patrologie et d'histoire de la théologie, 2e édition. Cayré, Fulgence. Paris, Desclée, 1931.
Manual of Indulgences
Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Text (comments)
General Directory for Catechesis. Congregation for the Clergy. Rome, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1997. (comments)

5.1.2) Conciliar documents

Note: I would like here to include all official documents for all councils, since Vatican II is far from being the most important council of the history of the Catholic Church! Many are on www.papalencyclicals.net:

Nicaea, 325 A.D.
Constantinople I, 381 A.D.
Ephesus, 431. A.D.
Chalcedon, 451 A.D.
Constantinople II, 553 A.D.
Constantinople III, 680-681. A.D.
Nicaea II, 787 A.D.
Constantinople IV, 869-70 A.D.
Lateran I, 1123 A.D.
Lateran II, 1139 A.D.
Lateran III, 1179 A.D.
Lateran IV, 1215 A.D.
Lyons I, 1245 A.D.
Lyons II, 1274 A.D.
Vienne, 1311-12 A.D.
Constance, 1414-18 A.D.
Basel-Ferrara-Florence, 1431-45 A.D.
Lateran V, 1512-17 A.D.
Trent, 1545-63 A.D.
Vatican I, 1869-70 A.D.
Vatican II – 1962-1965 A.D.

Ad Gentes. Text (the missionnary activity of the Church)
Apostolicam Actuositatem. Text (the apostolate of the laypersons)
Christus Dominus. Text (the pastoral task of the Bishops)
Dei Verbum. Text (the Divine Revelation)
Dignitatis Humanae. Text (religious freedom)
Gaudium et Spes. Text (the Church in today's world)
Gravissimum Educationis. Text (Christian education)
Inter Mirifica. Text (the Media)
Lumen Gentium. Text (the Church)
Nostra Aetate. Text (the Church and non-Christian religions)
Optatam Totius. Text (the education of priests)
Orientalium Ecclesiarum. Text (the oriental Catholic churches)
Perfectae Caritatis. Text (religious life)
Presbyterorum Ordinis. Text (the ministry and life of priests)
Sacrosanctum Concilium. Text (liturgy)
Unitatis Redintegratio. Text (oecumenism)

5.1.3) Encyclicals

Aeterni Patris. Text (restoration of Christian Philosophy; Leo XIII, 1879)
Affari vos. Text (Manitoba schools; Leo XIII, 1897)
Arcanum divinae Sapientiae. Text (Christian marriage; Leo XIII, 1886)
Caritas in veritate. Text (Benedict XVI, 2009)
Casti Connubii. Text (Christian marriage; Pius XI, 1930)
Centesimus Annus. Text (100 year anniversary of Rerum Novarum; John Paul II, 1981)
Deus caritas est. Text (Christian love; Benedict XVI, 2005)
Diuturnum. Text (the origin of civil power; Leo XIII, 1881)
Dives in Misericordia. Text (on divine mercy; John Paul II, 1980)
Divini illius Magistri. Text (Christian education; Pius XI, 1929)
Divini redemptoris. Text (Atheist Communism; Pius XI, 1937)
Divino Afflante Spiritu. Text (the promotion of biblical studies; Pius XII, 1943)
Dominum et Vivificantem. Text (the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church; John Paul II, 1986)
Ecclesia de Eucharistia. Text (the Eucharist in the life of the Church; John Paul II, 2003)
Ecclesiam Suam. Text (Paul VI, 1964)
Editae Saepe. Text (St. Charles Borromeo and the struggle against heretics; Pius X, 1910)
Evangelium Vitae. Text (the dignity of human life from conception to natural death; John Paul II, 1995)
Fides et Ratio. Text (the relation between faith and reason; John Paul II, 1998)
Humanae Vitae. Text (against contraception; Paul VI, 1968)
Humani Generis. Text (condemnation of certain errors; Pius XII, 1950)
Ilfermo proposito. Text (Catholic action; Pius X, 1905)
Immortale Dei. Text (Christian constitution of States; Leo XIII, 1885)
Laborem Exercens. Text (90th anniversary of Rerum Novarum; John Paul II, 1981)
Libertas praestantissimum. Text (Human freedom; Leo XIII, 1888)
Mystici Corporis Christi. Text (The Mystical Body of Christ; Pius XII, 1943)
Mater et Magistra. Text (Christianity and social progress; John XXIII, 1961)
Mediator Dei. Text (The Liturgy; Pius XII, 1947)
Mortalium animos. Text (True unity of the Church; Pius XI, 1928)
Mysterium Fidei. Text (Doctrine and Worship of the Eucharist; Paul VI, 1965)
Notre charge apostolique. Text (Against the "One World Church" and Socialism; Pius X, 1910)
Pacem in Terris. Text (God, foundation of peace on Earth; John XXIII, 1963)
Pascendi Dominici Gregis. Text (condemnation of modernist errors; Pius X, 1907)
Populorum Progressio. Text (the development of peoples; Paul VI, 1967)
Providentissimus Deus. Text (the study of Holy Scripture; Leo XIII, 1893)
Quadragesimo anno. Text (reconstruction of the social order. Pius XI; 1931)
Quanta cura. Text (Socialism, Naturalism; PiusIX; 1864)
Quas primas. Text (Institution of Feast of Christ the King; Pius XI; 1925)
Redemptor Hominis. Text (first encyclical of Pope John-Paul II; John Paul II, 1979)
Redemptoris Mater. Text (the Virgin Mary in the life of the Church; John Paul II, 1987)
Redemptoris Missio. Text (the permanent validity of the Church's missionary mandate; John Paul II, 1990)
Rerum Novarum. Text (condemnation of the excesses of communism and capitalism; Leo XIII, 1891)
Sacra Virginitas. Text (Consecrated virginity; Pius XII, 1954)
Sacerdotalis Caelibatus. Text (Paul VI, priestly celibacy; Paul VI, 1967)
Sapientiae Christianae. Text (Christians as citizens; Leo XIII, 1890)
Satis cognitum. Text (Unity of the Church; Leo XIII, 1896)
Slavorum Apostoli. Text (the evangelizing work of saints Cyril and Methodius; John Paul II, 1985)
Sollicitudo Rei Socialis. Text (20th anniversary of Populorum Progressio; John Paul II, 1987)
Spe salvi. Text (Hope; Benedict XVI, 2007)
Studiorum ducem. Text (Italian), English on EWTN (Saint Thomas Aquinas; Pius XI, 1923)
Summi pontificatus. Text (On the unity of human society; Pius XII, 1939)
Supremi apostolatus officio. Text (Power of the Rosary; Leo XIII, 1883)
Ut Unum Sint. Text (oecumenism; John Paul II, 1995)
Vehementer Nos. Text (the French law separating the Church and the State; Pius X, 1906)
Veritatis Splendor. Text (condemnation of certain errors in Moral Philosophy; John Paul II, 1993)

5.1.4) Apostolic Letters, Motu Proprio, etc.

Ad tuendam fidem. Text (Small changes to the Code of Canon Law; John Paul II, 1998, Motu proprio)
Catechesi Tradendae. Text (catechesis; John Paul II, 1979, Ap. Exhor.)
Christifideles Laici. Text (vocation and mission of the laypersons; John Paul II, 1988, Ap. Exhor.)
Dies Domini. Text (respect of the Lord's day; John Paul II, 1998, Ap. Letter)
Divinus Perfectionis Magister. Text (Overview of the process of canonization; John Paul II, 1983, Ap. Cons.)
Ecclesia Dei. Text (Excommunication of Mons. Lefevbre; John Paul II, 1988, Motu proprio)
Evangelii Nuntiandi. Text (evangelization; PaulIV, 1975, Ap. Exhor.)
Ex corde ecclesia. Text (Catholic universities; John Paul II, 1990, Ap. Cons.)
Familiaris Consortio. Text (the Christian family in the modern world; John Paul II, 1981, Ap. Exhor.)
Haerent Animo. Text (Latin), Text (On priestly sanctity; Pius X, 1908)
Horrendum illud scelus. Text (Death penalty for homosexual Priests and Bishops; Pius V, 1568, Constitution)
Family, Marriage And "De Facto" Unions. Text (Pontifical Council for the Family, 2000)
Indulgentiarum Doctrina. Text (Indulgences, French only; Paul VI, 1967, Cons. Ap.)
Integrae Servandae. Text (Name change for the Holy Office, Latin only; Paul VI, 1965, Motu Proprio)
Letter to Artists. Text (John Paul II, 1999, Letter)
Laetamur magnopere Text (John Paul II, 1997, Ap. Letter)
Lumen ecclesiae Text (Latin), English version (not on www.vatican.va) (Paul VI, 1974, Ap. Letter)
Mane Nobiscum Domine. Text (Apostolic Letter for the Year of the Eucharist; John Paul II, 2004, Ap. Letter)
Marialis Cultus. Text (marial devotion; Paul VI, 1974, Ap. Exhor.)
Misericordia Dei. Text (against collective absolution; John Paul II, 2002, Motu Proprio)
Mulieris Dignitatem. Text (dignity and vocation of women; John Paul II, 1988, Ap. Letter)
Octogesima adveniens. Text (Paul VI, 1971, Ap. Letter)
New Laws for the Causes of Saints. Text (Overview of the inquiry process of Bishops; Congregation for the Cause of Saints, 1983)
Novo Millennio Ineunte. Text (for the end of the Year 2000 jubilee; John Paul II, 2001, Ap. Letter)
Ordinatio Sacerdotalis. Text (Women's ordination; John Paul II, 1984, Ap. Letter)
Paenitemini. Text (penance and fasting; Paul VI, 1966, Ap. Constitution)
Pastor Dabo Vobis. Text (priests; John Paul II, 1992, Ap. Exhor.)
Pastores Gregis. Text (the pastoral task of the Bishops; John Paul II, 2003, Ap. Exhor.)
Petrum et Paulum Apostolos. Text (Paul VI, 1967, Ap. Exhor.)
Rapid Development. Text (Catholics must get more involved in the Mass Media; John Paul II, 2005, Ap. Letter)
Reconciliatio et Paenitentia. Text (Confession; John Paul II, 1984, Ap. Exhor.)
Redemptoris Custos. Text (St. Joseph; John Paul II, 1989, Ap. Exhor.)
Redemptionis Sacramentum. Text (some rules concerning the Eucharist; Congregation For Divine Worship And The Discipline Of The Sacraments, 2004)
Rosarium Virginis Mariae. Text (the Rosary; John Paul II, 2002, Ap. Letter)
Sacramentum caritatis. Text (The Eucharist; Benedict XVI, 2007, Ap. Exhor.)
Salvifici Doloris. Text (the saving power of suffering; John Paul II, 1984, Ap. Letter)
Sollemni hac liturgia. Text (Credo of the People of God; Paul VI, 1968)
Summorum pontificum. Text (Confirmation that the "Old Mass" was never illegal; Benedict XVI, 2007, Motu proprio)
Letter on the occasion of the publication of Summorum pontificum Text (2007)
Tertio Millennio Adveniente. Text (the jubilee of the year 2000; John Paul II, 1994, Ap. Letter; strangely unavailable on the Vatican web site as of 2015-August-24)
Syllabus of errors. Text (PiusIX, 1864)
Tra le sollecitudini. Text (Spanish) (On sacred music; Pius X, 1903, Motu proprio)
Universi Dominici Gregis. Text (election of the Pope; John Paul II, 1996)
Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality. Text (Pontifical Council for the Family, 1995)
Vita Consecrata. Text (religious life; John Paul II, 1996, Ap. Exhor.)
Veterum Sapientia. Text (promotion of Latin; John XXIII, 1962, Apost. Const.)

5.1.5) Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Doctrinal Note On Some Aspects Of Evangelization. Text (2007)
Letter To The Bishops Of The Catholic Church On The Collaboration Of Men And Women In The Church And In The World. Text (2004)
Considerations Regarding Proposals To Give Legal Recognition To Unions Between Homosexual Persons. Text (2003)
Doctrinal Note on some questions regarding the participation of Catholics in political life. Text (2003)
Dominus Iesus. Text (The unicity and absolute truth of Jesus Christ and His Church; 2000)
Instruction on some aspects of the use of the instruments of social communication in promoting the doctrine of the faith Text (1992)
Dignitas personae - Instruction on some bioethical questions. Text (2008)
Donum veritatis - Instruction on the ecclesial vocation of the theologian. Text (1990)
Orationis formas - On Some Aspects Of Christian Meditation. Text (1989)
Donum Vitae - Instruction on respect for human life in its origin and on the dignity of procreation. Text (1987)
Homosexualitatis problema - Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons. Text (1986)
Libertatis conscientia -- Instruction On Christian Freedom And Liberation. Text (1986)
Libertatis nuntius -- Instruction On Certain Aspects Of The "Theology Of Liberation". Text (1984)
Iura et bona - Declaration on Euthanasia. Text (1980)
Persona humana - declaration on certain questions concerning sexual ethics. Text (1975)
Quaesitum Est Text (1983, Declaration on Masonic Associations)
Quaestio de abortu - Declaration on procured abortion. Text (1974)
"The Third Secret of Fatima". Text
Notification on the works of Father Jon SOBRINO, SJ. Text
Mysterium Ecclesiae. Text (1974, In defense of the catholic doctrine on the Church against certain errors of the present day)

5.1.6) Documents from other congregations

The Church and Internet. Text (2002, Pontifical Council for Social Communications)
Liturgiam authenticam. Text (2001; On the use of vernacular languages in the publication of the books of the roman liturgy)
Instruction Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in view of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders. Text (2005)
Inaestimabile Donum; Instruction Concerning Worship Of The Eucharistic Mystery. Text (1980)
The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church. Text (Italian), English version (Pontifical Biblical Commission, 1993.)
Directives On Formation In Religious Institutes. Text (1990)
Fraternal Life In Community. Text (1994)
Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy. Text (2001)
Jesus Christ The Bearer Of The Water Of Life; A Christian reflection on the "New Age". Text (2003)
Decree On The Reform Of Ecclesiastical Studies Of Philosophy. Text (2011)

5.2) Spirituality, defense of the Faith

5.2.1) Spirituality Books

Précis de théologie ascétique et mystique, TANQUEREY, Adolphe. Paris, Société de S. Jean l'Évangéliste, 1924. Text (French only)
The Spiritual Exercises. St. Ignatius of Loyola. Text.
The Dialogue. St. Catherine of Siena. Text.
Les sept colonnes de l'héroïsme, D'Arnoux, Jacques. Paris, Plon, 1938.
Traité de vie spirituelle; à l'école de saint Augustin, THONNARD, François-Joseph, A.A., Paris, Maison de la Bonne Presse, 1959, 821 pages.
Judas est en Enfer! Réponses à Hans Urs von Balthasar et à Hans-Joseph Klauck, PAGÈS, abbé Guy. Éditions F.-X. de Guibert, Paris, 2007, 220 pages. (comments)
They died for their Faith; Persecution of Christians in the 20th century, RICCARDI, Andrea. Plon/Mame, 2002.
The Hidden Power of Kindness, LOVASIK, Lawrence G. Manchester NH, Sophia Institute Press, 1999.
Sainte Jeanne D'Arc, seconde patronne de la France, DELARB, Raphael, O.F.M. Québec, Imprimerie Franciscaine Missionnaire, 1937.

5.2.2) Apologetics

Apologetics: The positive reasons to believe that God exists, that Jesus is God, and that Jesus founded the Catholic Church. Polemics is somewhat "negative": for each religion other than Catholicism, the reasons why that religion is false, and the rebuttal of the usual attacks of that religion against Catholicism.

Handbook of Christian Apologetics: Hundreds of Answers to Crucial Questions, KREEFT, Peter and TACELLI, Ronald K. Intervarsity Press, 1993.
Summa Contra Gentiles AQUINAS, Saint Thomas.
Les pensées. PASCAL, Blaise. Text.
Mere Christianity. LEWIS, C. S.
Apologetics, GLENN, Paul J. Rockford, IL, Tan Books, 1980.
Search and Rescue: How to Bring Your Family and Friends Into--Or Back Into--The Catholic Church, MADRID, Patrick. Manchester, NH, Sophia Institute Press, 2001.

5.2.3) Polemics

See Apologetics here above.

Interroger l'Islam - 1501 questions à poser aux musulmans!, PAGÈS, Abbé Guy. DMM (Dominique Martin Morin Editions), 2015.
The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran, SPENCER, Robert, Washington DC, Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2009.
Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on "Romanism", KEATING, Karl. Ignatius Press, 1988.
Galileo in Rome; the Rise and Fall of a Troublesome Genius, SHEA, William R., ARTIGAS, Mariano. New-York, Oxford University Press, 2003.
The Da Vinci Hoax; Exposing the errors in the Da Vinci Code, OLSON, Carl E., MIESEL, Sandra. San Francisco, CA, Ignatius Press, 2004.
The Concise History of the Crusades MADDEN, Thomas F., Rowman and Littlefield, 2013.

5.2.4) Other books that can be useful

The Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in America, CARLIN, David. Manchester, NH, Sophia Institute Press, 2003.
Goodbye, Good Men, ROSE, Micheal S. Regnery Publishing, 2002.
The Truth About Homosexuality; The Cry of the Faithful. HARVEY, John F. San Francisco, Ignatius Press, 1996.
ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments. ALCORN, Randy. Sisters, OR, Multnomah Publishers, 2000.
Three Approaches to Abortion; A thoughtful and compassionate guide to today's most controversial issue. KREEFT, Peter. San Francisco, CA, Ignatius Press, 2002.
Architects of the Culture of Death. DE MARCO, Donald. WIKER, Benjamin. San Francisco, CA, Ignatius Press, 2004.
The Abolition of Man. LEWIS, C.S.
SGRECCIA, Elio. Manuel de bioéthique; les fondements et l'éthique biomédicale, Paris, Mame-Edifa, 2004, 868 pages.
Sexual Wisdom. WETZEL, Richard. Ann Arbour, MI, Proctor Publications, 2000. Partial Text

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