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The "Whackiest" Church In Town!

Discover the 'whackiest' church in town!
Discover the "whackiest" church in town!
(Translator's note: the actual word is "flyé", which originally was an English word,
but in French-Canadian slang, it roughly means "whacky", "zonked out", "weird".
[Source: Flyer found in my mailbox])

Note: See also correspondence with Reverend Mia Anderson.

1) Introduction

I should write my neighbor, Reverend Mia Anderson, Pastor of Saint-Michael's of Sillery, to ask her for a big box of flyers like the one I found yesterday in my mailbox. First, they are materially beautiful: nice glossy paper, impeccable graphic design, superb pictures, etc. Moreover, they are also spiritually beautiful: they can be used to give a whole catechesis course on the Catholic Church.

When I say «neighboring church», I'm serious! Here it is, seen from my bedroom window.
When I say «neighboring church», I'm serious! Here it is, seen from my bedroom window.

2) If Saint-Michael's of Sillery didn't exist, we'd have to invent it!

Whether we like it or not, the Province of Quebec is now a pluralistic society. Some quebecers are Catholic, others are Muslims, others are Buddhists, others Atheists, others are seeking, etc. But, in a free and democratic society, we have to avoid "religious homelessness". Each faith should be able to adore its divinity, as its conscience dictates it to do, in a temple which it owns.

In the Province of Quebec these days, the majority of French-Canadians who fancy themselves Catholics, are in fact "religiously homeless". They love the sound of church bells, midnight mass, marriages in church, baptisms and funeral services with the family, etc. So far, so good. But the problem is that they also hate Papal infallibility, the interdiction of priesthood for women, confession of mortal sins to a Priest under penalty of eternal damnation, automatic excommunication for those in favor of abortion, etc.

Fortunately, Saint-Michael's of Sillery exists!

What a gorgeous church!
What a gorgeous church!

3) No trans fats, no dogmas, no morals!

The church of Saint-Michael's of Sillery is totally modern and adapted to our québécois culture. Nobody is ever refused communion. Women can climb all rungs of the hierarchy. Homosexuals can have their union blessed in a church. Abortion is considered a private choice.

Moreover, no efforts are spared to entertain the faithful: nice canticles, nice Casavant organ, nice music, nice liturgical vestments, bilingual services by the first "woman-priest" in Quebec City, outdoor celebrations in the summer (under my bedroom window, but I shut off my air conditioner to avoid bothering anybody), coffee, cookies, little cakes and friendly conversations, etc.

And now, let us implore the Lord for Stefan to wake up
"And now, let us implore the Lord for Stefan to wake up"

An Atheist in my family summed it up elegantly: "I like that church. It's like home renovations! We build our own faith, according to our tastes and needs!"

4) The most logical church in town!

Unfortunately, all is not perfect in that flyer. It contains a big lie. Indeed, this church is absolutely not "the whackiest in town". On the contrary, it's the most logical church in town!

Think about it. Think it through, coldly and carefully:

	If God doesn't exist,
	or if God exists, but Jesus Christ isn't God,
	or if Jesus is God, but Jesus didn't found the Catholic Church,
	or Jesus is God and He founded the Catholic Church, but
	Jesus doesn't guide Her infallible Magisterium until the end of times
	(as He promised in [Mt 16:18]),


	You'd have to be intolerant, duplicitous,
	and fundamentalist to claim that the Catholic Church
	transmits the Revelation that God has entrusted to Her.

	Moreover, you'd have to be gullible, outdated and
	deprived of critical thinking to believe everything
	the Catholic Church believes and teaches.

5) Conclusion

The church doors of Saint-Michael's of Sillery are wide open, just for you!

(And if ever you feel like knowing what God thinks of this church, you can just swing by my place after mass. We'll be able to read together a few quotes from the Bible.)

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