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The Lost Sermons

William Holman Hunt. The Light of the World.
Christ knocks at the door of our soul. Will we open? [Ap 3:20]
(William Holman Hunt. The Light of the World.

Table of contents

1) Introduction
2) For non-believers who have existential questions
3) For "Lukewarm" Catholics
4) For Catholics who want to learn more about their religion
5) For Catholics who question the Church's teachings on sexuality
6) For "Defenders of the Faith"
7) For problems more specific to Canada
8) For problems more specific to the Diocese of Quebec
9) Reprints of articles by P. Paul Mankowski, S.J. ("Uncle Diogenes")
10) For Catholics Involved in Politics
11) To encourage good Catholic movements
12) For the Army of Mary
13) Islam
14) Varia
15) Letters by Monseignor Carlo Maria Viganò

1) Introduction

I've been going to Mass at least every Sunday for several decades, and to many different churches in the Quebec Diocese. I've heard my share of homilies! Despite that, there are sermons I've never heard, sermons which have been lost in a kind of spiritual "Bermuda Triangle".

In this section, I try to find, or write these missing sermons. (Another place to find excellent sermons is In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez.)

2) For non-believers who have existential questions

See the essays in the Philosophy section of this site.

3) For "Lukewarm" Catholics

The "Pope's Challenge": Are you Catholic or Protestant? (Is it enough to just imagine you're a Catholic, to really be one?)
The "P-2865" Test (The Catechism of the Catholic Church, solid guide to teach the Faith)
Merry Christmas! (About the Abridged version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church)
How To Behave In A Catholic Religious Temple
If Heaven Is Unavoidable, Apostasy Is Inevitable! (Can a religion, that claims we are all saved, be consistent?)
Papal Infallibility, and the Stupid Gods (What is "Papal Infallibility"? Does it have a rationale?)
A Little Course By Professor Madjisterioom (What is "the Magisterium" of the Church?)
Excommunication, that Gesture of Love! (Are we really helping people outside the Church, when we encourage them to believe they are still inside the Church?)
Going to Heaven is Fun and Easy! (Is it possible to respect all the moral teachings of the Church?)
Theme Song For This Web Site ("We believe in You, Jesus-Eucharist", French only)
The "Pastoral" Approach (Should we lower the standards, or heighten the training, if we want to be more "pastoral"?)
Happy Easter!
Love Tubes

4) For Catholics who want to learn more about their religion

Open Letter To A Tearful Grandmother (The best advice I can currently muster for grandmothers who worry about their children and grandchildren)
Transubstantiation, or Trans-Protestantization? (Is the Eucharist just a symbol of Christ's Body and Blood?)
Overview of the "Redemptionis Sacramentum" Instruction (Does your Pastor do the Mass properly?)
The Satanic "Spirit" Of Vatican II (The heretical and "left-wing" interpretation of the Vatican II Council)
The Dark Side of Tradition (The heretical and "right-wing" interpretation of the Vatican II Council)
If You Don't Live Like You Think, You'll End Up Thinking Like You Live
New Year's Resolutions: A Satanic Plot? (What is a "resolution"? How should we make them?)
The Catholic "Fundamentalist", and the Snow Shovel (What is a "dogma"? What is a "fundamentalist"?)
Baptized without consent, or blinded unconsciously? (Should we baptize children?)
The Blessed Virgin Mary, and Sad Gullibility (Some advice on how to avoid supersitions)
"Canonization Funerals" (Is it true that all the deceased "automatically return to the Father"?)
The World-Famous Ethicist, And The Gravedigger Afflicted With Mongolism (Should we bury anybody in a Catholic cemetery?)
Slander Soup (What are the typical arguments against the Catholic Church, and what answers can we give?)
Spiderman vs. Atheist-Man (A few arguments against Atheism)
How to Condemn a Bad Work
Henry Who? (The theological reference tool nicknamed the "Denzinger")
Saint Thomas Aquinas, Common Doctor of the Church (What does the Church think of Saint Thomas Aquinas, as a philosopher and theologian?)
The Good Old Christian Virtue Of Vengeance! (Is vengence something intrinsically evil?)
How to Chase People Away From Jesus By Hugging Your Fridge (Why and how should a Catholic loose weight?)
Culture, Custom, Tradition (Should we always respect other people's cultures?)
Must We Respect All Religions?
Judas Is In Hell!
Scandalous Wealth: Of The Church, Or Of Her Slanderers' Imagination?
Mariolatry, Or Mariophobia? (Is the veneration Catholics have for the Virgin Mary compatible with the Bible?)
In Defence Of "Holocaust Bishop" Williamson (Do even bad people deserve a good trial?)
The Anti-Post-Modernist Oath (How to detect wolves in the sheepfold)
Can A Catholic Obstinately Claim That The CCC Contains Serious Doctrinal Errors?
I Exist, I Adore Jesus-Eucharist!

5) For Catholics who question the Church's teachings on sexuality

The Catholic Church and Sex-Voodoo (Are the Catholic Church's teachings on sexuality reasonable?)
The Birth-Control Pill: A Excellent Way Of Converting Pagans to Catholicism!
So, You Married The Wrong Person? (Why does the Church refuse communion to divorced and remarried persons?)
A Reading List for Pro-Choicers
A Reading List for Persons With Same-Sex Attractions
The Bible And Homosexual Attractions
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart (A Pastoral Letter on the Dignity of the Human Person and the Dangers of Pornography, by Bishop Robert W. Finn)
Women's Ordination, Or Feminist Propaganda?
Dr. Pia Francesca De Solenni Offers Much Food For Thought On Feminism (by Doris Germain)

6) For "Defenders of the Faith"

The Province of Quebec needs a good and joyful inquisition (FAQ. The fundamental assertion of this whole web site)
Red Tape, and the Blood of the Martyrs (Should we be ashamed of our Catholic Faith?)
Should a Catholic Publicly Criticize Some Decisions Taken By His Superiors?
Homosexuality, or Heterostupidity? (Master Plan to renew the whole Catholic Church)
The Diocesan Demolition Derby (Master Plan to rebuild the Quebec Diocese)
The Mediatic Body of Christ (A proposal for a federation of mini-concordats between Catholic media)
Purification, Or Strangulation? (Against Catholics who passively look at Satan strangling the Church, and claim it's actually God "purifying" Her.)
Blessed Be The Schism That Comes In The Name Of The Lord (The crisis of virility in the Church.)
The Promotion Of The Culture Of Death By The "Catholic" Clergy.
The Sacrament of "Disevangelization" (When should we refuse, or delay, a Sacrament, for the good of the faithful?)
The Catholic Omertà (The Law of Silence concerning the sins of Bishops)
The Winnipeg Statement (Was the contraceptive pill used as an excuse for the 1968 Canadian Schism?)
Do you speak "Catholish"? (Against the gobbledygook of some official Church documents)
If Paul Martin Is A Catholic, Is The Pope The Antichrist? (Can abortion be an abominable crime, while not being so?)
Conservative Bishops, Liberal Results (Can the wolves in the sheepfold kill all the lambs, even if the Bishop of that Diocese is faithful to the Pope?)
Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops of Canada, from Vote Life, Canada! (Petition asking Canadian Bishops to punish "Catholic" politicians who promote abortion. By Eric Alcock.)
A Twelve Step Program For Bishops (How should we excommunicate pro-choice politicians? By Bishop Rene Henry Gracida.)
It's Time for Pro Lifers to Change Their Strategy in Canada or the Toll on Babies Will Continue (By Eric Alcock)
Profession of Faith
Professio fidei (Official Profession of Faith in Latin)
The King And The Pope (Is the Pope really defenceless against bad Bishops?)
The Velvet Hand In The Iron Glove and
Humility Is Acquired By Humiliations (I respectfully disagree with Benedict XVI's decision to "dis-excommunicate" the four FSSPX Bishops in 2008)
Publicity Insert: Invitation To An Electronic Debate
Why I Burned A Koran On 9/11
Let's Commit Sacrileges In Church!
Less Deep In Hell, Maybe
The Private Jet Of Pope Francis
The Lake Garda Statement
Amoris Laetitia: Anatomy of a Pontifical Debacle (by Christopher A. Ferrara. I claim it proves Pope Francis is a satanic heretic.)
Hasta La Vista, Jorge!
The Anti-Church Has Come (by Fr. Linus F. Clovis)
Joint Declaration on Justification, or Smoking a Joint of Modernism-ification?
Luther: Reformer Or Perverter?
Two "Jesuits" Condemn The Catholic Church To The Death Penalty
Loyalty To Satan, Or To The Holy See?
They Hate God
Quebec Bishops And The Hypocrisy Olympics
On the Power to Judge the Validity of a Pontificate
Call for the Resignation of [anti-]Pope Francis

7) For problems more specific to Canada

Benedict XVI, The Kitten Strangler (An example of anti-Catholic propaganda in Quebec)
Open Letter To The CRC By Father François Pouliot, O.P.
The "Whackiest" Church In Town! (Critique of a flyer posted by the Anglican church nextdoor)
The Bishop Of Chicoutimi Opposes The Tridentine Mass
A Development Question For My Peace Of Conscience (Critique of an organization of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops which encourages abortion.)
Open Letter To Monsignor Christian Lépine

8) For problems more specific to the Diocese of Quebec

My Subjective Assessment Of Cardinal Ouellet
Please, Mr. Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Could You Leave Us One Parish?
Formation to Christian Life (Critique of the first Pastoral Letter of Cardinal Marc Ouellet)
1st Pastoral Letter of Cardinal Cram Telleuo and
2nd Pastoral Letter of Cardinal Cram Telleuo (The first two Pastoral Letters that the Cardinal should have written)
The Object Of Ridicule, And The Cause Of Mirth (Reply to an open letter against Cardinal Ouellet)
Enough Is Enough! (Reply to an open letter signed by 19 Quebec dissident "Priests")
Preaching Jesus Or The World? (Reply to "Enough Is Enough!" by an Opus Dei Priest)
Holy, Holy, Holy, the Dialogue (Critique of Cardinal Ouellet's reply to the open letter signed by 42 dissident laypersons)
Religious Freedom In School (Critique of Cardinal Ouellet's effeminate defense of Catholic schools)
Pastoral Letter Of Cardinal Marc Ouellet On The Practice Of The Sacrament Of Penance And Reconciliation
The Case of Gospel Beer (Problems with the Parish Pastoral Board of Saint-Michel-de-Sillery)
Open Letter to Father Gilles Desjardins, SSS (Small complaint against the Pastor of Très-Saint-Sacrement church)
The Typical Quebec Mass
Reasonable Accommodations And Religious Freedom In Quebec (Critique of Cardinal Ouellet's lame defense of Catholicism before the Bouchard-Taylor Commission)
Open Letter To Quebec Catholics (Critique of the similarly-named document by Cardinal Ouellet)
Arguments That Don't Hold The Road (Critique of an anti-Catholic school article by Jean-Pierre Proulx)
The Catholic Church Called To Do Her Examination Of Conscience (Critique of an article by the Atheist Marie-Michelle Poisson who attacks the Church and Catholic schools.)
The FSSP In Quebec City
Say The Black, Do The Red
For A New Culture Of Life (Cardinal Ouellet's speech at the 2009 National March for Life)
The Debate Is On
Father Guillaume Loddé's Sermon On Abortion
The KeryPaq (and KeryCube, and EvangeCube)
Cardinal Lacroix: Protestant Desperado?
If I Were A Priest During The Quebec Plague...

9) Reprints of articles by Fr. Paul Mankowski, S.J. ("Uncle Diogenes")

Fr. Paul Mankowski, S.J.
Fr. Paul Mankowski, S.J.
He was my favorite blogger, and one of the rare
Catholic Jesuits remaining on Planet Earth.

The Problem Of The Rigid Seminarian
Benedict's Defining Test
The Progress Machine
"Pope" Raymond Gravel
"Did Not Rise To The Level Of A Crime"
Thou Art The Man
The Real Thing
Gene Drops The Big One
The Escher Effect
The Facts Of Life And The Culture Of Death
Dumb Dogs And Unseasonable Silence
Bishops In The Eyes Of Bishops
What Would Onan Do?
Talking About Tapping
The Legion Of Christ And Its Founder

10) For Catholics Involved in Politics

See also the Politics section of this site.
The Warmaker's Bifocals (Some tips on how to start a war)
The Quiet Revolution, and the Rowdy Pendulum (Yesterday's exaggerations don't justify today's exaggerations)
How The Catholic Church Helped Canada Elect Its Most Pro-abortion Prime Minister In History
What is The "Social Kingship" Of Christ?
The Death Penalty (Edward Feser and Joseph M. Bessette)

11) To encourage good Catholic movements

Life Chain
Opus Dei, And The Cult Of Insignificance
Show The Truth
What is Catholics United for the Faith (CUF)?
My Subjective Assessment Of The CUF

12) For the Army of Mary

A reading list for the members of the Army of Mary
Who is the General of the Army of Mary?
Pastoral Message Concerning The Army Of Mary
My Comments on the Pastoral Message Concerning The Army Of Mary.

13) Islam

God Is Not Called Allah, And Muhammad Is Not His Prophet (Is Islam an intrinsically violent religion?)
Snippets Of Debates About Islam
Loose Lips, Sink Christian Ships (How not to conduct the next Crusade)
How the West Could Lose (Daniel Pipes. How pacifism, self-hatred, and complacency threaten the West.)
Going Through All These Things Twice (by Robert Spencer.)
Why I Burned A Koran On 9/11
Onward Canadian Soldiers! (Canada must declare a crusade agains the Islamic State)
Love Muslims, Hate Islam!
The 'Same God' Question (Islam and Christianity)
Open Letter To Canadian Mosques

14) Varia

Adoro Te Devote, Latens Deitas
Oratio Universalis (Latin, English, French)
Prayer To St. Michael The Archangel
Prayer Before Intellectual Work
The "Prepareful" Mysteries
In Memoriam: Father Engelbert Lacasse, S.J. (By Luc Gagnon)
Open Letter To The Two New Bishops Of The Quebec Diocese
Scraping Statues or Saving Souls?
Christians With T-Shirts!
Free Offer For Catholicotherapy!
The Pew Cannot Do What The Pulpit Is Supposed To Do
Catho-Noon (Small weekly spiritual meetings in Quebec City)
Sightseeing Tips For The Pope's Visit To Quebec City
How Not To Conduct A Gregorian Chant Choir
Some Viral Thoughts On The Chinese Plague

15) Letters by Monseignor Carlo Maria Viganò

Viganò normally says things I agree with. Often I disagree when he talks about Trump or Vatican II. See also Barnhardt Podcast #185: Crooks, Cardinals, and Conclaves (starting at 5m13s)

Viganò On Sodo-Clericalism
Letter To Italian Mothers
Open Letter To The President Of The USA
Viganò On The Vatican "Health" Conference
Call For An Anti-Globalist Alliance
Vitium Consensus

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