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A Reading List for Persons With Same-Sex Attractions

George Elgar Hicks. Parenthood.
(George Elgar Hicks. Parenthood. Source)

If you consider yourself as being "gay" or "lesbian", please read the following texts, in their order of appearance, to know my opinion on what I call "persons with same-sex attractions" or "homosexual persons":

1) I want to respect all laws. Read FAQ #1. Of course this includes all laws condemning unjust and irrational discrimination against homosexual persons.

2) My opinions are only as good as my sources of information. Read "Help! I'm Being Held Prisoner By My Sources Of Information!".

3) I condemn "homophobia", if by that word we mean hatred of persons with same-sex attractions. See among others the many official documents of the Catholic Church concerning homosexual attractions, like the Catechism of the Catholic Church, or the Letter on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons (#10), or Regarding Proposals To Give Legal Recognition To Unions Between Homosexual Persons.

4) I don't blame homosexual persons for all the problems of this world. On the contrary! I mostly blame heterosexual Catholic leaders who are faithful to the Pope! Read "Homosexuality, or Heterostupidity?".

5) The debate on homosexual attractions concerns mostly Science. Read Does "Homosexuality" Exist?.

6) Honest and accurate Science doesn't seem to me as claiming that homosexual attractions are genetic, irreversible and fulfilling. Documentation and references to be gathered, among others on the political lobbying which led to the removal of homosexual attractions from the DSM (the catalog of mental disorders), the biased "studies" claiming to prove "homosexuality" is somehow inborn, the unpopular studies showing the often very negative health consequences of a homosexual lifestyle, and the even more unpopular studies involving persons who were successfully cured of their homosexual attractions, etc. In the meantime, see among others "Homosexuality And Hope" (Statement of the Catholic Medical Association).

7) A bad behavior, even if it occurs in private and between consenting adults, remains bad and must sometimes be explicitly repressed by the Government. Read "The EYE Was In The Bedroom And It Stared At Trudeau".

8) Natural Law exists, and no human will, whatever its sexual orientation, can change it. Read "Bill C-666".

9) Science does not blindly believe in condoms. Read "A Condom To Prevent The Transmission Of Science?".

10) Rejecting homosexual "marriage" isn't necessarily intolerant. Read "Tolerance, Or Active Glorification?".

11) The Catholic Church condemns all sexual perversions, and calls everybody to chastity. It's not as if only persons with homosexual attractions had to behave! Whether it's topless bars, or prostitution, or adultery, or fornication, or masturbation, etc., all misuses of sexuality are condemned by the Catholic Church. Moreover, it's not as if only persons with same-sex attractions had to live chaste lives: everybody has to live a chaste life! Read the Sixth Commandment in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs #2331 to #2400.

12) The Bible condemns homosexual acts. Read The Bible And Homosexual Attractions.

13) We have to take the time of disproving all errors of the "gay" propaganda. Ideally, I would correctly disprove all the errors of the "gay" propaganda. It's a long row to hoe. I've started with Snippets Of Debates About Homosexual Attractions.

14) Where can persons with homosexual attractions get help? Documentation and references to be gathered, mostly revolving around Courage.

15) The Catholic Church is currently being devoured by the homomafia See among others the excellent article "With the Pope against the Homoheresy" by Fr. Dariusz Oko.

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