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Love Sodomites, Hate Sodomy!

Lie #1: "The Church is against love between men"

The Church teaches: "Love one another" [Jn 13:34], and "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you" [Lc 6:27-28], etc.

The Church is against sodomy, not against love.

Lie #2: "Sodomy is perfectly natural"

"Anal sex is unhealthy. Aside from sexually transmitted diseases, these acts lead to many other medical conditions including the Gay Bowel Syndrome, hepatitis A, unusual infections of the epididymis, and other disorders of the anus and surrounding muscles such as fissures. Homosexuals who practice anal intercourse are as much as eighty-four times more likely to develop anal cancer than the general population.

Anal sex is unnatural. It obviously is traumatic to the anus, which simply is not made to accommodate the male organ. Not only does the anus have no natural lubrication, but it is clearly the wrong size for genital contact. As evidence of this, consider the difference in size of the speculum and the anoscope. The speculum, which the physician places inside the woman during a gynecologic exam, is roughly the size and shape of the erect male organ. The anoscope, used to examine the anus, is half the diameter of the speculum - more similar in size to an adult forefinger. [...]"

[WETZEL, Richard, MD. Sexual Wisdom, Ann Arbour, MI, Proctor Publications, 2000. chap. 10, p. 145-147]

Lie #3: "Homophobia is the only cause of the physical and mental health problems of sodomites"

If you define "homophobia" as the hatred of persons with same-sex attractions, then of course "homophobia" is very evil. (See the teachings of the Church here above.) Also, if you are a person who feels hated and is contemplating suicide, please don't! God loves you! And please give us a call if we can do anything to help you.

But unfortunately these days, the meaning of the word "homophobia" is changing. More and more, it's just an insult thrown at people to take away their critical thinking and their freedom of speech.

Would sodomy have positive medical consequences if, by magic, everybody started to approve it? (See Section #2 here above.) Would babies be made differently if, by magic, everybody started to consider sodomy just as normal as what husband and wife do after marriage? Does a boy who decides to put on a dress change his chromosomes from XY into XX to become, by magic, a girl? Do our sexual attractions constitute our "identity", rather than the fact we are persons, i.e. beings endowed with intelligence and free-will?

Let's have the courage to seek together the truth about these questions!

www.inquisition.ca/gay         Franšais: www.jesus-eucharistie.org/gai

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