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12) What is the solution?

Keep calm and find a solution.

The fundamental solution to any big social problem is always the same: waking up consciences. "[...] the numbing of consciences, their indifference to good and evil, their deviations, are a great threat to man. Indirectly, they are also a great threat to society, because in the last analysis the level of morality of society depends on the human conscience". [Saint John Paul II, quoted in Francis Fernandez, Vol. II, p. 73.] Another way of saying the same thing is "Education"; we need to "ex ducere", to lead people out of the darkness.

How can we "wake up consciences" and "lead people out" of the darkness? As the old maxim says: "Pray - Think - Act":

1) Pray! Pray especially for the Pope and the other Bishops. (Adoring Jesus Christ really and substantially present in the Tabernacle is an excellent way to pray.)

2) Think! I'm a sinner with a weak intellect, and I often make mistakes. Maybe you can think of a better solution than mine, or maybe you can think of better ways to reach the same goal. You are therefore more than welcome to examine how I arrived at my current conclusion, and also examine what I claim to be some of the practical elements of the solution.

3) Profess your Faith publicly! Don't forget that on Judgment Day, Jesus will disown those who are ashamed of their Faith during this life [Mt 10:32]. See the "Directory of Sheep and Wolves" for examples, "If You Don't Live Like You Think, You'll End Up Thinking Like You Live" for reasons to be proud of your Faith, and the FAQ 5) "How can I put my Profession of Faith on the Internet?" to know how to proceed.

4) Network! Without a network, we are a bit like helpless lambs waiting to be slaughtered. But if we unite our forces, we can keep our Faith, our Families and our Country! I unfortunately don't have a brilliant solution to the networking problem, but if you send me your e-mail, you can join the group of people who receive this web site's newsletter. Since I'm trying to "connect" this web site with all other persons and associations which are faithful to the Pope, eventually we should get a nice network!
(Note: My newsletters respect these rules.)

5) Help improve this web site. All constructive comments are most welcome, whether it's to add a good book or a good web site to our lists, or suggest a correction to a Lost Sermon, or to a philosophical or political article, or even to find English mistakes.

Frog in boiling water: Avoid - Mitigate - Adapt.

6) Hand out flyers. Many people are unreachable through the Internet, and the mainstream media systematically blocks out good Christian content. Help us reach souls! Join the team! Here are some flyers to hand out:

  Love Tubes (Five flyers, one small explanatory insert and one business card, rolled up, and held with a colorful ring)

Love Atheists, Hate Atheism! (MS-Word, HTML)
Love Abortionists, Hate Abortion! (MS-Word, HTML)
Love Muslims! Hate Islam! (MS-Word, HTML)
Love Policemen, Hate the Police State! (MS-Word, HTML)
Love Sodomites! Hate Sodomy! (MS-Word, HTML)
Small explanatory insert, preferably on nice blue colored paper, 5 inserts per sheet. (MS-Word)
Paper ring to hold these flyers all rolled up (MS-PowerPoint, very preferably printed in color, 4 rings per sheet)
Business card with the name, address and telephone number of the person doing the distribution

Publicity Insert: Invitation To An Electronic Debate (MS-Word file. About 0.1K. To be printed on both side of a laminated carton of 11 x 8.5 inches. Then cut at three inserts per sheet. About 0.22$ CAN each. HTML version here.)

And If It Were True? (Catholicism) (MS-Word file. About 3M.)

7) If you're a layperson, do good politics!. As long as Christians run away from political action, they will be crushed. Snap out of your political apathy!

8) If you're a religious leader, react to this site. "The [religious leader] must be eternally on guard and continually vigilant in preventing the contagious disease of heresy from entering among his flock and removing even the faintest suspicion of it from the fold. If it should happen to enter, he must use every means at his command to expel it immediately." [Editae Saepe].

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